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Charity Sponsorship

Mar 25, 2014

Bourne & Co have sponsored a mobile phone for Colm Farrell (Haz) who is undertaking a 12 month, 5,000 mile charity walk around the 86 counties of Scotland, Wales and England.

The walk is to raise funds and awareness of Console, a suicide prevention and awareness charity.

Bourne & Co partner, John Delaney said, "We have been following Haz since he started his walk in the very North of Scotland back in July 2013 and we heard that he needed a phone so that people could contact him with offers of somewhere to stay and donations.  We were happy to provide him with a phone and a year's worth of calls, texts and mobile data to help him on his epic journey."

Haz can be followed on Facebook at or on Twitter at @Haz66.

Donations can be made to his JustGiving page at https://www.justgiving/colm-farrell.

The photo shows Haz with his phone at a recent Derby County football match that he attended when he was passing through the area around half way through his walk.